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Aviation is changing.

Using internal development resources to develop custom software for every data feed you need becomes cost prohibitive very quickly. When considering to build a custom solution you need to take into account not just the development required to load and manage the data itself, but also the performance requirements and the maintenance costs as the data feeds change over time.

GO Loader Aviation alleviates this pain and cost. Our pre-configured templates allow you to access the most popular data feeds in minutes. Meaning you won’t have to develop any custom software no matter how many feeds you need. One solution that keeps both your cost and risk down and enables you to get the most out of global System Wide Information Management.

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The industry’s first out-of-the-box toolkit to remove the complexity of consuming, loading, and leveraging data from EUROCONTROL NM B2B and FAA SWIM data feeds.



At the heart of FAA NextGen and EU SESAR is SWIM – where 100s of authoritative data feeds are currently available to facilitate the exchange of near real-time operational data worldwide. GO Loader Aviation and our SWIM Service Connectors enable you to load and manage this data from these authoritative sources, such as the FAA and EUROCONTROL, directly into your business.

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“We’ve been able to vastly reduce the effort required to create the database, as well as the effort required to load the data into the database so we can provide quality analysis of AIXM data, quickly.” – Paul Chisholm, AirServices Australia.


GO Loader Aviation enables you to load and manage aeronautical, weather and flight data from authoritative sources such as the FAA and EUROCONTROL directly into your business. Proven with key operational data feeds such as EUROCONTROL Network Manager B2B Services and FAA SWIM Services, GO Loader Aviation enables you to load and manage the latest near real-time operational data without changing your existing systems and without the need for costly custom software development.

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