Celebrating Women in Engineering Day at Snowflake Software

Today, on International Women in Engineering day, we should all celebrate the impact women engineers are having in aviation! Recent figures show that only six per cent of the engineering workforce is female (Institution of Engineering Technology Skills Survey 2014). The low representation of women in engineering means that too many women are missing out on exciting career opportunities where they can make a significant impact and change the world.

Therefore, Snowflake Software wants to celebrate the women on its team who are using their engineering skills to change the aviation industry for the better.

Snowflake Software INC CEO Nadine Alameh, an MIT-trained computer science engineer and former NASA Senior Architect, heads Snowflake’s US office. Nadine spearheads the company’s work on the SkyFusion platform for Harris Corporation and the International Air Travel Association (IATA), which improves global air traffic management (ATM) efficiency.

Principal Engineer Virginia Hodge, Vice President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and former NATS Senior Project Safety Manager, works with Project Manager Rosie Malhao to deliver the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) SWIM Gateway, which will share authoritative flight information across the U.A.E. region.

Data Engineers Xia Zhao and Yvonne Zannoun have used their skills to deliver the NATS XMAN project, which reduced holding stacks at Heathrow Airport to save over £4m of fuel and 35,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year.

From front to back: Niha Shaikh (Product Owner), Rosie Malhao (Project Manager), Virginia Hodge (Principal Engineer), Yvonne Zannoun (Data Engineer), Xia Zhao (Data Engineer)

Niha Shaikh has been with Snowflake for 6 years, and is now Product Owner for the Laminar Data Platform, which is the world’s first commercial platform dedicated to managing flight, weather and aeronautical data to improve global aviation efficiency.

Yvonne Zannoun, Data Engineer at Snowflake Software, said: “I’ve had an amazing experience in engineering at Snowflake. It’s hugely rewarding to work on the XMAN project with NATS, which manages flight arrivals at Heathrow and has won global awards for its success. I encourage women and girls everywhere to consider tech and engineering as a career path, it’s empowering, exciting and very satisfying!”

Snowflake celebrates these women making an impact on global aviation.

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!