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[column_item]The Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data provides a real-time overview of all of Europe’s airspace throughout the day of operation.

The repository combines dynamic airspace data with static elements to create an up-to-date view of Europe’s skies enabling more effective and collaborative decision making during ASM/ATFCM/ATC processes.

What does it do?


A wealth of aeronautical information is already being produced by agencies and ANSPs across Europe.  The Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data pulls this information together, and makes it available for aviation data consumers utilizing open standards, such as AIXM 5.1.  These data consumers, including ANSPs and airlines will now be able to access the following services:

  • e-RAD, including the full set of TFRs (with dynamic updates) and the static data required by the TFRs;
  • e-AMI/EAUP, allowing users to query and compare CDR and Route availability as well as giving users B2B access to all other restrictions, such as FRA availability and EU/EURO restrictions.

Combined with a more consistent dataset in EAD and CACD, the ADR enables ANSPs to improve the efficiency and safety of their operations by creating a data-rich European environment for their neighbors, and customers.  Due to the extensive use of open standards, such as AIXM 5.1, ANSPs are also able to plug in to the ADR machine-to-machine, to enhance their local airspace utilization planning and even future development.

The success of the Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data is predicated on the use of open data exchange standards.  Within the aviation community, these are primarily AIXM (aeronautical data), WXXM (meteorological data), and FIXM (flight data).  These exchange standards are central to the way we work here at Snowflake Software.  Our GO Loader Aviation, and GO Publisher tools are built around the idea of Open Standards to allow organizations to share and consume data enabling them to perform their operations more efficiently, more safely and at lower cost.

Eurocontrol ADR Webinars

Over the coming weeks we will be hosting a series of webinars around how different stakeholders in the aviation sector can realize some of these benefits of the ADR programme. Pre-register today to secure your seat:

14:00 GMT  February 17th – Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data for ANSPs [button style=’blue’ size=’medium’ link=’https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/714432233065665538′ align=’left’]Register Today[/button]

14:00 GMT  March 17th – Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data for Flight Operations [button style=’blue’ size=’medium’ link=’https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2466768994229048066′ align=’left’]Register Today[/button]

14:00 GMT  April 14th – Eurocontrol NM B2B Web Services – Airspace Data for Analytics [button style=’blue’ size=’medium’ link=’https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2205116013143959810′ align=’left’]Register Today[/button]

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