I wrote in a previous blog to watch this space on a whole load of new hires that we have coming out. Well here they are, and it’s a record for us. In one hiring campaign we’ve got 8 jobs up for grabs; 6 in the UK and 2 in the US. There’s never been a better time to be a Snowflaker, we’ve had some amazing growth over the last 3 years and this year we’re on target for 50% year-on-year growth. So why go for a role at Snowflake…

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Everybody who meets us, works with us or becomes a Snowflaker will tell you how unique our culture and the way we work is. It’s by far the most positive feedback we get after somebody completes their first week as a Snowflaker or becomes a customer for the first time. Snowflake has a very open and collaborative culture. The entire company works in one large open plan office, no cubicles and certainly with no offices for the likes of founders! Our office space is 2/3’s collaborative, 1/3 desk space and has a pretty cool design.

Work where you like in the office, wear what you like and start and finish the day at whatever time fits you best. We’re flexible.[/column_item] [column_item]

Our open culture doesn’t just stop at our office space; through our company quarterly meetings we share all of our finances and plans with every member of the team. After the quarterly we always do something social together: roller-disco, kayaking, F1 simulators, pub quiz, ghost walks and bake off’s to name but a few. Our culture comes from the unique mix of staff we have; a near 50/50 male/female split from over 10 different nationalities. We’re definitely proud of what we’ve built to date and our culture is constantly evolving. We’re looking forward to adding 8 new Snowflakers and getting all of their ideas on how we can become an even better place to work.

We also offer flexible working, great leave terms, competitive salary, child-care vouchers, pension and bonus.

Hopefully I’ve got you interested so here’s the roles up for grabs …