[title type=’1′]See how easy it is to create AIXM from an existing system[/title]

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How to create AIXM data from an existing system without software development or complex scripting
  • How to publish AIXM5.1 data available via SWIM enabled webservices using the Web Feature Service (WFS) – an international standard for data access
  • How to connect an off-the-shelf desktop viewer to a WFS in order to display AIXM5.1 data for advanced operational use

[title type=’2′ style=’underline’]Background[/title]

At the heart of the ‘net-centric’ vision of SESAR and NextGen is System Wide Information Management or SWIM.  SWIM enables the open and standards based exchange of operational information between stakeholders and systems worldwide.  Jointly developed by EUROCONTROL and the FAA, the Aeronautical Information eXchange Model (AIXM), the Weather eXchange Model (WXXM) and the Flight Information eXchange Model (FIXM) are xml-based industry standards which enable global interoperability of ATM operations in accordance to SWIM.   Publishing AIXM from an existing system can be costly, disruptive and risky, often requiring considerable a software engineering effort or the purchase of a new system or a major upgrade. In this webinar we will use obstacle data freely available from the FAA and publish it in AIXM using a different approach – one that “wraps” existing systems in a standards based layer to deliver the net-centric vision of SESAR and NextGen without software development or disruptive upgrades. The wrapping approach could enable you to realise the benefits of SWIM sooner rather than later and at a fraction of the cost.

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