Watch the webinar to discover how to:

  • Exchange your flight data in FIXM without costly software development or complex scripting
  • Map your flight data elements to the FIXM model
  • Improve your interactions with all your air traffic stakeholders and become an active player in the emerging interoperable world of air traffic information

Join Nadine Alameh and Alex Reading as they take a look at what FIXM is all about and how you can start leveraging flight information in new ways.


Flight Information Exchange Model (FIXM) enables the exchange of a wide range of flight data in a standard XML-based format. FIXM enables flight data interoperability by unambiguously defining flight data elements that can be exchanged across multiple domains and consumed by a variety of stakeholder systems. By sharing your data in FIXM, you and your stakeholders can benefit from increased situational awareness, efficient incident management, and leveraging of flight information in new ways previously unachievable. We’re proud to support the exchange of FIXM data in our award-winning products.

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