Snowflake Software builds on long-standing partnership with the University of Southampton’s
Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science

Snowflake has always valued its strong ties with the University of Southampton’s Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS). Since first collaborating with final year students’ undertaking the Group Design Projects (GDP) in 2011; the partnership between Snowflake and ECS has flourished. We enjoy working with the University to develop students into the best graduates possible by supporting GDPs, delivering guest lectures on our experience with Agile techniques, and hosting a 12 week summer internship every year for the winner of our annual Code-Off (hackathon) run in the Zepler labs.

This year we received a particularly strong group of students who enthusiastically delved into the open ended task themed around leveraging Laminar Data to develop an innovative web application that would satisfy the various needs of airport stakeholders.
Over the course of the 8 weeks they consistently surprised us with their creative thinking, code quality and presentation skills.

University of Southampton ECS students presenting their projects at Snowflake Software headquarters

Their final solution utilised the Laminar Data Platform to combine flight data with weather, airspace regulations and Notices to Airman (NOTAM). Combining these data feeds together and providing a highly original user interface enabled powerful operational insights by allowing the user to easily see how these conditions can impact a flights departing from and arriving at an aerodrome.

Partnering with the students gives them the chance to gain valuable industry experience by delivering a project alongside a commercial company. We take them through the same Scrum process utilised by our internal teams to create our own products; starting with a Project Kick-Off, followed by bi-weekly Sprint demonstrations, retrospectives and concluding with a final presentation in front of the whole company. This experience gives our staff the opportunity to teach and grow students in their understanding of Software Development processes, technologies and data management API’s. This partnership allows Snowflake to benefit from the fresh creative thinking and problem solving that students bring to the opportunity.

We are always looking to offer a rewarding career to world class graduates from the University of Southampton and other Universities. Currently we have 10 University of Southampton graduates, a number that continues to grow.