NEW: SWIM Training and Workshops

Training Course

Air travel is currently doubling every 15 years. To support and enable this growth into the future, the industry must continually work to realise efficiencies and address the problem of limited capacity.

Globally, aviation organisations must progress initiatives to support that projected future growth, or be struck with decreasing efficiency and increasing overheads. ICAO’s Global Air Navigation Plan lays out the roadmap for System Wide Information Management (SWIM) where data is exchanged freely between systems in an interoperable manner based on open standards, and 2019 is the start of the key transition period during which organisations must define and act upon their SWIM strategies.

In this customisable training course, Snowflake Software will cover everything about SWIM, from why it is needed and how it can be implemented through to the individual standardised data-exchange models and protocols. Most importantly, we can address how SWIM will impact your organisation, systems and customers. In addition to training, we’re also delighted to provide customised SWIM implementation workshops and consultancy

Course Methods and Materials

The courses are either class room based or online. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers. Materials including hardcopies of course slides, notes and useful references will all be provided.

customised SWIM workshop photo
customised SWIM training photo

Course Content

SWIM Overview

  • What is SWIM and why is it needed?
  • SWIM Initiatives
  • What information needs to be shared?

SWIM Reference Models

  • AIRM and ISRM

Standards Landscape

  • Standard Organisations
  • Development of standards

SWIM Data Exchange Formats

  • XML Primer
  • Flight Identification
  • Format extensions

SWIM Data Exchange Protocols

  • SWIM Yellow, Blue and Purple Profiles

SWIM Registry

  • What is a SWIM registry?
  • Current approaches and implementations

Example of existing SWIM systems

  • Where is SWIM implemented?
  • What are the future plans of SWIM?

Why Snowflake Software?

Snowflake Software is an award-winning British company that specialises in implementing SWIM in the aviation industry using its Laminar Data Platform. Snowflake Software has been a key player in the development of SWIM standards and has deployed their SWIM expertise and Laminar Data Technology in world-leading projects such as the United Arab Emirates’ GCAA SWIM Gateway, IATA Turbulence Sharing Platform and UK NATS Mission Optimisation Services (MoS).

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