We have officially launched Laminar Data today, the first industry specific cloud platform for managing, sharing and monetizing aeronautical, weather and flight data.

Continuing to build on our innovative technology and award-winning software products as a foundation for the platform, Laminar Data enables organizations to build operational applications and share operational data at a fraction of the cost previously possible.

Alexis James Brooker, Director of Professional Services, at Snowflake comments “Our vision for Laminar Data is to make data available and remove the management overhead of keeping it up to date. We want our customers to focus on using their operational knowledge to build ground-breaking apps rather than getting distracted with sourcing data and managing it.”

Laminar Data provides both a Data as a Service offering called the ‘Laminar Data Hub’ and a private Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering called the ‘Laminar Data Private Cloud’.

Application Developers need to acquire and manage complex aeronautical, weather and flight data to build applications. However, up to 80% of application development costs can be attributed to sourcing and reliably managing data. The Laminar Data Hub provides App Developers with a cloud platform pre-populated with leading sources of flight, weather and aeronautical data all delivered through developer-friendly APIs supported and managed by Snowflake in the cloud.

Data Providers such as Airports, ANSPs and Airlines have valuable data locked up in operational systems. An inability to share data hinders these organizations from solving critical operational problems. The Laminar Data Private Cloud enables Data Providers to selectively and securely share their data through developer-friendly APIs on a dedicated private platform supported and managed by Snowflake.

Ian Painter, Managing Director, at Snowflake comments “Laminar Data is a first in the marketplace. Too many operational problems remain unsolved because data is locked up or too complex to manage. Our aim with Laminar Data is to commoditize the acquisition, cost and complexity of working and sharing operational data, enabling organizations to build apps and share data at a fraction of the cost and time they can do today.”

Discover more about Laminar Data by visiting Snowflake at Stand 117 during the World ATM Congress.