Pioneering Information Sharing to Improve ATM Efficiency

Washington, D.C., March

IATA and Harris Corporation SkyFusion service leverages Snowflake Software’s Laminar Data Platform

Snowflake Software, a provider of cloud and on-premise software solutions for the aviation industry, is working to enable the SkyFusion service, a data exchange platform developed jointly by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Harris Corporation in a drive to improve air traffic management (ATM) efficiency.

Snowflake’s Laminar Data Platform is utilized by SkyFusion—a new cloud-based application suite developed by IATA and Harris for airports, airlines and Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) as part of a suite of aviation data management capabilities. The SkyFusion service provides stakeholders with the ability to exchange operational data across flight information regions ensuring the best information is available to users to make collaborative decisions in real-time.

The Laminar Data Platform provides a variety of data management functionality for SkyFusion including data fusion,  transformation services, and generation of a Globally Unique Flight Identifier (GUFI) for data from multiple commercial and ANSP sources. Alongside global aeronautical and weather data, Laminar enables SkyFusion services to provide a single, coherent view of a flight.

IATA and Harris conducted a worldwide study revealing that a lack of information sharing is behind over $3 billion in avoidable inefficiencies annually by 2020. In response, IATA and Harris leveraged the Laminar Data Platform to accelerate the sharing of aviation information through SkyFusion, making the service operational within a year of the study.

“By utilizing the Laminar Data Platform we were able to deploy the SkyFusion service within months and utilize our expertise in SWIM and data management infrastructure to pioneer improvements in commercial ATM operations on a global scale,” said Harris Corporation’s General Manager for SkyFusion & Symphony, Lisa Sullivan.

The Laminar Data Platform publishes all available data via a suite of APIs aligned with the System-Wide Information Management (SWIM) concept. The SWIM compliant APIs enable the SkyFusion service to align with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations and the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan (GANP).

“In a global environment where operational stakeholders hold their own views of the same flight, we work tirelessly to achieve a single, unified view of each flight across airlines, airports and ANSPs because we believe that access to this fused and harmonized data in real time has a truly valuable impact on the aviation industry. We are honored that IATA and Harris recognize the power of the Laminar Data Platform to help achieve this vision through the SkyFusion service and transform how aviation information is delivered to decision makers,” said Nadine Alameh, CEO, Snowflake Software, Inc.



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