Update! 17.10.2012

We are very pleased to announce that yesterday in Brussels Snowflake received the top award at the SWIM Master Class Ceremony and was named the best-in-class winner in the SESAR SWIM Master Class, with our prototype Building SWIM B2B Web Services Using Open Standards. As Ian says, to be recognized as the overall winner in a European wide competition is a great achievement and something we’re really proud of.

We’ve written up our award winning prototype in a free whitepaper which you can now download today.

For the rest of Debbie’s progress blog and links to our resources keep reading!

Progress to date..

So there are two weeks to go until the deadline for submissions for our SESAR SWIM Masterclass prototype: Building SWIM B2B Web Services Using Open Standards. We have made considerable progress in the last month and we are ready to make our initial services and resources accessible to the wider world to see and test.

The aim of our prototype is to develop a range of web service APIs which replicate a subset of the SWIM B2B Airspace Service: Retrieving European Airspace Usage Plans for Conditional Route Openings/Closings (EAUP CDR) and Restricted Airspace Allocations (EAUP RSA) underpinned by a single OGC WFS 2.0 instance generated using GO Publisher WFS:

The objective of our prototype is to demonstrate that it is possible to rapidly develop SESAR SWIM B2B web services that can be tailored to meet the needs of specific business requirements leveraging existing open standards from the OGC. By re-using existing open standards, the time-scales and costs of service development should be significantly reduced and flexibility increased.

Head to our Snowflake labs – SESAR SWIM Masterclass wiki for more details as we have started to document our prototype and provide examples of how it can be used. This will continually be updated over the next two weeks so keep coming back or become a watcher of the wiki space!

On the resources page you can access and download some of the services, tools and associated resources completed to date:

Our current services include:

  1. Generic WFS supporting stored queries to retrieve RSAs and CDRs based on their EAUP ID and full ad hoc querying capabilities
  2. RESTful API: retrieve RSAs and CDRs based on their EAUP ID in XML/JSON

The SWIM SOAP API which will emulate the existing SWIM Airspace Service shall be available next week – so watch this space.

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