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METAR Graphs

Across the Air Traffic Management (ATM) industry, engineers and consultants are busy finishing (starting?) their entries for the SESAR SWIM Masterclass 2013.  Perhaps under a little more pressure than others, by definition it can only be the same or a worse result than our winning entry last year, the Snowflake team have also been very busy.  In a notable change to last year, echoing other collaborative projects like those run by the OGC, we have worked extremely closely with a number of other participants – NATS, Netsys, Harris and Barco.  This has been a great experience for the team here, and while I won’t give away the details of our competitive submission, we have deployed some online versions of our services that all participants are welcome to test and explore.



We have an ICAO WXXM Release Candidate 2 Web Feature Service 2.0.  This is providing real data, courtesy of Netsys, who are sending WFS Transactions into our demo WFS-T loading services.  The coverage is worldwide, with a message from over 15000 sensors providing a METAR approximately every 45 minutes.  There is also a Simple Aeronautical Features service, providing access to Aerodromes, referred to in the METARs via xlink.


If you’re a participant in the SESAR SWIM Masterclass we’ve added the services to SWIM Registry. If not, you can still test the services from our demonstration server:

Landing Page: (Service no longer available)

Example WFS response:

<wfs:FeatureCollection xsi:schemaLocation=" AvXML/AvXML-1.0RC2-schema-edited/iwxxm/1.0RC2/iwxxm.xsd wfs/2.0/wfs.xsd" numberMatched="unknown" numberReturned="0" timeStamp="2013-10-04T17:10:25" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:iwxxm="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:gmd="" xmlns:gco="" xmlns:gss="" xmlns:gts="" xmlns:gsr="" xmlns:saf="" xmlns:metce="" xmlns:om="" xmlns:sams="" xmlns:sam="" xmlns:opm="" xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:ows="" xmlns:fes="">
<iwxxm:METAR automatedStation="false" gml:id="metar-SBKP-20130920070000Z" status="NORMAL">
<om:OM_Observation gml:id="obs-00001-20130920T07Z">
<om:type xlink:title="Aerodrome Observation" xlink:href=""/>
<gml:TimeInstant gml:id="ti-201309200700Z">
<gml:TimeInstant gml:id="ti-201309200710Z">
<om:observedProperty xlink:title="Observed properties for METAR and SPECI (Meteorological Aerodrome Reports)" xlink:href=""/>
<sams:SF_SpatialSamplingFeature gml:id="sampling-point-00001">
<sam:type xlink:title="SF_SamplingPoint" xlink:href=""/>
<sam:sampledFeature xlink:href="uuid.b9be9445-ac47-4baf-8d2b-1feff072dda0"/>
<gml:Point gml:id="point-1215-1149" srsName="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326" srsDimension="2">
<gml:pos>47.08 23.0</gml:pos>
<iwxxm:MeteorologicalAerodromeObservationRecord cloudAndVisibilityOK="true" gml:id="or1">
<iwxxm:airTemperature uom="Cel">17</iwxxm:airTemperature>
<iwxxm:dewpointTemperature uom="Cel">17</iwxxm:dewpointTemperature>
<iwxxm:qnh uom="hPa">1019</iwxxm:qnh>
<iwxxm:AerodromeSurfaceWind variableDirection="false">
<iwxxm:meanWindDirection uom="deg">110</iwxxm:meanWindDirection>
<iwxxm:meanWindSpeed uom="kt">11</iwxxm:meanWindSpeed>

Aerodromes Landing Page: (Service no longer available)

Example response:

<wfs:FeatureCollection xsi:schemaLocation=" wfs/2.0/wfs.xsd AvXML/AvXML-1.0RC2-schema-edited/saf/1.0RC2/saf.xsd" numberMatched="35931" numberReturned="10" timeStamp="2013-10-04T17:12:13" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xs="" xmlns:wfs="" xmlns:xlink="" xmlns:ows="" xmlns:fes="" xmlns:saf="" xmlns:gml="" xmlns:gmd="" xmlns:gco="" xmlns:gss="" xmlns:gts="" xmlns:gsr="">

<saf:Aerodrome gml:id="uuid.b9be9445-ac47-4baf-8d2b-1feff072dda0">
<gml:identifier codeSpace="urn:uuid:">
Campinas Aeroporto
<gml:Point srsName="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326" gml:id="LOCAL_ID_0">
47.08 23.0

Feel free to get in touch with the team if you want to integrate with the services or know more about them.  The IWXXM version 1.0 will be released soon and we will continue to grow and develop these demo services.

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