The Regulation B2B EUROCONTROL Service provides access to all of the regulation information used in the Network Manager Flow Management Service.
Our new APIs connect to the EUROCONTROL Service and publishes all regulations related to aerodromes and airspaces.

The RESTful APIs allow you to easily access a summary of all the regulations which are active in a specific ICAO region. For instance, by requesting /v1/icao-prefixes/E/airspace-regulations, you are able to request all active regulations related to any airspace within the “E” ICAO region.

The screenshot below shows an example of geometries published for the airspace regulations within ICAO region “E”.

Similarly /v1/icao-prefixes/E/aerodrome-regulations gives you all active regulations relating to any aerodrome within the “E” ICAO region.

If you want to know more about a specific ID regulation, we have built another API v1/regulations/{id} which provides detailed information about that specific regulation.

Note: Access to data sets requires all subscribers to go through an additional industry approval process in order to access specific ATC data.

We’re always looking to hear feedback on how we can enhance our APIs and make them work for you. Please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.