Ordnance Survey Mapping © Crown copyright 2013Because GO Loader is a generic gml loading tool, our existing GO Loader customers really felt the benefits when Ordnance Survey released OS VectorMap Local. They were able to load and manage OS VectorMap Local from day one, without additional cost and without requiring software upgrade.

In addition, we’ve added further value to our OS VectorMap Local support by creating GIS style files for each OS VectorMap style, every geometry and all feature types. With support for Oracle (Spatial or Locator) database, SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS, we’ve got all the bases covered for OS VectorMap Local.


  • Loads into Oracle (Spatial or Locator), SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS
  • Supports Black and White, Streetview, 1:10 000 Scale Raster, Standard Style 1, Standard Style 2 and Standard Style 3 directly in your GIS platform
  • Restructures OS VectorMap features types for more refined layer selection in all major GIS packages
  • Loads all Geometry – Points, Polygons, Lines and Textin excess of 6000 features / sec
  • Supports all feature types including – Roads, Railways, Vegetation, Boundaries, Urban Extend and Buildings

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To find out more, why not watch the recording of our OS VectorMap Local webinar.


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