Ordnance Survey Mapping © Crown copyright 2013GO Loader is the most effective solution for modelling, loading and maintaining OS MasterMap Topography layer in an Oracle (Spatial or Locator), SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS database.

At the enterprise GO Loader has no rivals, loading and maintaining the majority of the national coverage OS MasterMap Topography datasets. Customers like Accenture, IBM, Landmark, DEFRA, Edina, Forestry Commision, choose GO Loader for its scalabilty, performance and reliabilty. Back in 2002 GO Loader was the software product capable of loading national coverage OS MasterMap Topography, today it remains the loading tool of choice.

To find our more why not view our OS MasterMap topography or OS MasterMap COU webinar?


  • Choose from a number of predefined data models for Topography Layer, getting you up and running within minutes
  • Load non-geographic chunks or remove duplicate features supplied in multiple geographic chunks
  • Apply change-only update files to removing the need to reload data
  • Create archives of deleted and changed features when applying updates
  • High speed and parallel loading can save valuable time when loading hundreds of millions of features (download our OS MasterMap National Load statistics for GO Loader v1.5)
  • Validate your holding using the Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS)
  • Translate and model complex attributes into a choice of relational structures and tables
  • Supports all layers of OS MasterMap data including Address, Address Layer 2, ITN, ITN RRI and Imagery Metadata

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For further detail on GO Loader working with OS MasterMap, download our GO Loader response to Ordnance Survey’s OS MasterMap Software Checklist.

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