Ordnance Survey Mapping © Crown copyright 2013Unlock the power of the OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) using the GO Loader ITN Tool.

The OS MasterMap ITN product is a multi modal transport network designed for Asset Management, Telematics and Routing applications. It currently features two themes:

ITN Road Network

Describes the road network throughout Great Britain, this includes all Public Roads, a large majority of Private Roads and the newly launched Urban Paths. The theme also has details of Ferry Links which vehicles may use to move from one part of the network to another.

ITN Road Routing Information (RRI)

Describes the various restrictions that may be found on any part of the road network. The theme identifies limitations as no turns, one way streets, height restrictions, and date / time / vehicle qualifiers.

GO Loader ITN Tool

The GO Loader ITN Tool integrates with GO Loader to further process the ITN Road Network and RRI themes, opening its feature rich non-spatial attribution to all mainstream GIS applications including ESRI, MapInfo, Autodesk and Intergraph. Download our ITN Tool Flyer for a detailed product overview or see below for a summary of features:

Supplied free of charge to all current GO Loader users, the GO Loader ITN tool creates additional value on the Road Network theme enabling the following:

  • Road name attribute copied to RoadLink
  • DFT names created as a separate attribute
  • Support for welsh names

As a costed option the GO Loader ITN tool can also add considerable additional value to Road Routing Information (RRI) enabling the following:

  • Turn restrictions represented as Linework
  • Partial restrictions represented as Linework
  • Point restrictions drawn as intuitive symbols
  • Grade separation represented as bridge symbols
  • Qualifiers reformatted into one easy to read text string

Contact us for further details.

Implementing ITN using the GO Loader ITN Tool means customers are not just being told there is a restriction somewhere around a road junction. Accurate information on the restriction itself can now be displayed, supplying comprehensive and detailed alternative routing paths to help users around any potential obstacles. With the GO Loader ITN tool customers get the full benefit of ITN from directly within their chosen GIS packages.

To find out more, view our ITN Webinar as part of PSMA Series

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