New Laminar Data APIs

Working with NOTAMs has never been easier!

Our team is happy to announce Version 2.0 of our NOTAM APIs on Laminar Data Hub. With this release we make Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) super easy to visualize and interpret in applications that utilize popular web mapping frameworks like Leaflet and Mapbox

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Which Customer Challenges Do We Solve With This NOTAM API Release?

New Feature: Advanced Text Parsing to enable easy Visualization

Well to start with … in this release we turn traditional text-heavy and difficult-to-read NOTAMs like the one the left, into easy to use stunning visual NOTAMs like one on right.

With just a few lines of code we enable developers to build apps that display NOTAMs in a visual form, giving them the edge over their competition without the headache of all the geometry computation and software coding that goes with it.

Click here to see the full list of geometries supported by this NOTAM API v2 release

New Feature: NOTAM Filters Enable Easy Searching

Next up … it’s all very well displaying NOTAMs visually, but if you really want a killer app, you need to be able to select and query all that rich information buried in the NOTAM encoding. So we’ve launched three new ways to query NOTAMs: by Q-Code, by NOTAM Free Text, and by Airport Location. (We are currently working on location-based search via bounding box so watch this space for more).

  1. Search By NOTAM Q-CODEFilter on Operational Subject (Airspace, Aerodrome, Runway, Taxiway etc) and its Condition (Closed, Unserviceable etc). For example, QMXLC will return all NOTAMs that relate Taxiways (MX) that are Closed (LC)
  2. Search By NOTAM Text: Filter on one or more text strings appearing in the NOTAM text string. For example,  ‘AIRSPACE’, ‘AIRSPACE, UAS’ will return all NOTAMs that have these words in their text.
  3. Search By NOTAM Airport Location: Filter on airport locations that the NOTAMs apply to. For example, “KDCA” will return all NOTAMs at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (ICAO Code: KDCA)

New Feature: Easy Access & Visualization of Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)

Finally … (and by no means least) we’ve added FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) to our data coverage in the USA, including transforming all those complex restrictions into geometric shapes

To sum up … Here at Snowflake, we take pride in delivering truly digital NOTAMs; by “truly digital” we mean NOTAMs that are 1) geo-referenced, 2) temporal, 3) easily transformable, 4) query-enabled, and 5) can be accessed in developer friendly  message formats (XML and JSON). With this release we take the pain of working with NOTAMs away so that you can focus on building nifty apps that delight your customers

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About Laminar Data Hub

The Laminar Data Hub is Snowflake’s commercial cloud platform that provides organisations with a single source of enhanced, fused and validated Aviation data. Due to time-consuming data agreements, a multitude of data sources and a variety of data formats and technologies, accessing and using Aviation data can often be exhaustive and expensive. Laminar Data Hub eliminates these difficulties by providing a one-stop-shop for data in a simple and effective way, regardless of the data type, format or source. By fusing Aviation data from multiple commercial and authoritative sources, the Laminar Data Hub offers a best-in-class flight, NOTAM, aeronautical and weather data through a set of easy-to-use REST and streaming APIs.