Improved NOTAMs on Laminar Data Hub

Our APIs now track when a NOTAM is replaced or cancelled, allowing you to see the full history of a NOTAM without having to manage the relationships in the data yourself. Every new NOTAM is assigned a unique ID, which remains constant throughout its lifetime, and links in the API are made between these IDs when NOTAMs are replaced. This means you are always able to easily find the latest version of a NOTAM whilst also having the option of exploring its full history. The diagram below illustrates how the API behaves when an existing NOTAM is replaced:

NOTAM diagram

Further, NOTAMs now contain GML geometries which give an approximate area of effect. This allows them to be easily plotted on a map using any GML-capable tool, for example the visualization below of NOTAMs affecting the FIR EGTT can be produced simply by opening the response in QGIS. Check out our documentation for more information.

notams (1)

Reference APIs

We have added RESTful-style reference APIs which allow you to programatically access useful reference data such as FIR designators. For example, by requesting/v1/icao-prefixes/E you are able to see a list of all the FIRs within the ICAO prefix E: …

By then navigating into an FIR using /v1/icao-prefixes/E/firs/EGTT you are able to see which requests are supported for that FIR – in this case we have the full set of aeronautical data as well as NOTAMs:


Note: Access to data sets requires all subscribers to go through an additional industry approval process in order to access specific ATC data.

We’re always looking to hear feedback on how we can enhance our APIs and make them work for you. Please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

Check out more information on our NOTAM data here.