2 New APIs to Give You an Aerodrome-centric View of Flight Data! Now Available on Laminar Data Hub

The Snowflake Software team is excited to announce the addition of two brand new GeoJSON APIs to the Laminar Data Hub! With the Flight Arrivals by Aerodrome and the Flight Departures by Aerodrome APIs, users can now build an aerodrome-centric view of flights directly into applications dedicated to flight planning, airline efficiency and analytics.

The two APIs retrieve summary information for flights arriving/departing or flights scheduled to arrive/depart at a given aerodrome and contain scheduled and airborne flight data, including:

  • Departure and arrival aerodromes
  • Departure and arrival runway times (initial, estimated and/or actual)
  • Last known position information (including heading and altitude)
  • GUFI (Globally Unique Flight Identifier)
  • Call sign
  • Flight number
  • Flight status
  • Flight plan timestamp – the time when a flight plan property was last updated. (Only present for flights that are not in the SCHEDULED status)
Flights departing from (red), and arriving at (green) Washington Dulles Airport (KIAD)

These new APIs give users quick and simple access to all flights departing from or arriving at an aerodrome, requiring fewer hits and less data processing for the user than ever before.

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