Watch the webinar to discover how to:

  • Load, manage and visualize digital NOTAMs retrieved from the FAA NOTAM Distribution Service
  • Make use of this exciting new data source directly from within your infrastructures
  • Improve your ability to receive NOTAMs that are relevant to your needs

Nadine Alameh takes a look at Digital NOTAMs from the FAA FNS and how you can get the most from this free data source.


For the first time ever, NOTAMs are available in digital format (in AIXM) via the FAA NOTAM System (FNS) NOTAM Distribution Service. Having NOTAMs in a digital standard format is transformational to say the least, promising to enable advanced air traffic management concepts and improving if not revolutionizing applications involving flight planning; pre and post flight briefings and so on. It’s now possible to automatically filter, organize and prioritize this information based on the interests and use cases of each of user.

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