Our Laminar Data Hub Team have been hard at work since June creating and testing out new and laminar-data-x-logo-finalbetter ways of improving our platform. So much so that we’ve created a whole new platform dedicated to our experimental work, which makes developer-friendly GeoJSON APIs available on Laminar for the first time!

Introducing LaminarX – a specially built area of Laminar Data devoted to new prototype APIs before they go in to production. As with all developers, we love to experiment with different ways of materializing data to its fullest, especially when accessing Laminar Data’s valuable flight, weather and aeronautical data. So we’ve decided to share it with you, today!

So far, LaminarX provides 10 brand new prototype APIs in GeoJSON format, based on our existing Laminar Data productionized APIs. The GeoJSON APIs deliver a lightweight payload and allow users to easily couple our data with a range of common mapping tools like Leaflet and Google Maps.

More prototype APIs will continue to be added to LaminarX as we come up with them, and we want to hear from YOU! Give us your feedback on these APIs, we want to hear what works, what doesn’t, and what you think we can improve on!

We’re really excited to be sharing this project with you. Let us know your thoughts, and be a part of our production process!

Click here for more information about our available prototype APIs, and help us shape Laminar’s future today!