ZIPWe are very excited to announce the latest release of GO Publisher (v3.0) and the introduction of GO Publisher Workflow, a brand new product in the GO Publisher suite of data publication software. The GO Publisher suite of products now comprises of GO Publisher WFS, GO Publisher Workflow, and GO Publisher Desktop, all of which have new features as part of the latest software release.

New: GO Publisher Workflow

Capable of delivering large volumes (gigabytes) of XML/GML data to large numbers of data consumers, GO Publisher Workflow is an enterprise data publication platform that can be easily integrated into an existing ordering service.  Designed from the ground up to be orchestrated within a Service Oriented Architecture, GO Publisher Workflow provides increased business flexibility and scalability via highly configurable web based workflows.

Key features include:

  • Enterprise data publishing enabling you to publish large quantities of data to large numbers of customers/stakeholders
  • 3rd party workflow integration through RESTful Management API
  • Admin and Management Consoles enable control and configuration of the system through web based APIs and user interfaces
  • Intuitive GUI for configuring data translations via GO Publisher Desktop
  • Oracle Workspace Manager connection (Oracle only) to control the versions of data you publish
  • Priority job processing enabling you to prioritise your workload according to your business objectives and needs
  • Multi-database support – PostGIS, Oracle and SQL Server 2008
  • Multiple ‘chunking’ options to divide large data volumes into manageable ‘chunks’ or smaller files for convenient data management

ManagementConsoleGO Publisher Workflow is ideal for organisations who want to exchange large data volumes using open standards. More often than not this is a complete data export of an entire database or a spatial/temporal/attribute selection of a large subset. Organisations often use GO Publisher Workflow to perform an initial transfer and then utilise GO Publisher WFS to extract subsequent incremental change.

Contact us today to register for your own GO Publisher Workflow demonstration!

Multi-database support

As part of v3.0, GO Publisher WFS and GO Publisher Desktop now feature multi-database support including Oracle, PostGIS, and SQLServer 2008. GO Publisher WFS is a robust and scalable server option of the GO Publisher product suite designed for data delivery via request/response web services, whilst GO Publisher Desktop is the configuration tool for GO Publisher WFS and translation tool for GO Publisher Workflow.

Existing GO Publisher customers will be contacted with details on how to upgrade to the latest version.

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