How Data Exchange Standards are Revolutionising Aviation Efficiency

Our very own Principal Aviation Consultant, Andy Milligan, contributed to the latest issue of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s monthly Aerospace publication. In an engaging article, Andy outlined how data-sharing in Air Traffic Management (ATM) can unlock operational efficiencies, through the implementation of System Wide Information Management (SWIM).

As has been the norm for decades within aviation, information exchange, such as estimates on flight and weather information, has been communicated via the same systems and has served the industry well. However these systems are becoming increasingly outdated and have shown signs of operational strain. The need for operational efficiencies between all players within the industry is becoming increasingly apparent, along with the growth of global traffic and fuel-efficient aircrafts, requiring operators to optimise their cost index calculations.

Follow Andy’s narrative as he explains the concepts of SWIM and its importance within the aviation industry, as a means of implementing coherent and consistent information exchange between all key players, as well as Snowflake Software’s close partnership with NATS in developing the X-MAN project aimed at reducing holding at Heathrow airport by delivering consistent airport delay information to neighbouring countries’ Air Traffic Controls (ATC).

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