We are extremely excited to announce that the latest version of GO Publisher WFS (version 4.0) is now available. Find out what’s included in the new update below.

Dynamic Deployment

Improve scalability and reduce infrastructure costs with GO Publisher WFS 4.0. You can now deploy and manage 100’s of WFS’ on a single server via a simple RESTful configuration API or a standard file system, making it quicker and much easier to upgrade, manage and deploy multiple services.

Dynamic DeploymentReal time Service Configuration

With the latest version of GO Publisher WFS you can now directly configure WFS Services in real time without requiring redeployment; reducing downtime when developing and testing a new service.

Support for the WFS Temporality Extension (WFS-TE)

GO Publisher WFS 4.0 provides the ability to query and filter AIXM 5.1 features based on particular time slices, allowing you to specify a certain period of the features lifetime that you’re interested in.

Customise Get Capabilities

Benefit from better control and easier customisation of your WFS capabilities by uploading extended WFS Capabilities Documents to meet industry standards such as INSPIRE.

Support anyType Mappings

GO Publisher WFS 4.0 includes better support for exchange models that make use of the Observations and Measures (O&M) standard. Used extensively in Geosciences (GeoSciML) and Aviation Weather (IWXXM and WXXM), O&M makes use of the xml:anyType which is now natively supported in both GO Publisher Desktop and GO Publisher WFS. Administrators can use GO Publisher Desktop to map their data structures onto the xml:anyType. Consumers of the WFS can now use the WFS Filter Encoding Specification to perform complex queries against data encoded using the xml:anyType.

Support anyType Mappings

New Intuitive WFS Landing Page

Through an intuitive new browser-based web interface users can rapidly test and discover WFS Services deployed on their infrastructure.

Support for the Latest Technology

GO Publisher WFS 4.0 now supports the latest versions of Oracle (12c), PostgreSQL (9.4) and Wildfly (8), giving you the confidence and the ability to upgrade.

Check out GO Publisher WFS 4.0 in Action

Watch a quick overview of the new GO Publisher WFS below.

GO Publisher 4.0 Animation

Ready to Upgrade? 

If you are currently on our support and maintenance package, then upgrading is free. Just visit the Customer Portal to download the installers and get started.

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