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Get a performance boost with v3.1

GO Publisher 3.1 is now available with some impressive performance improvements. Here’s our top list of goodies that we’ve packed into the latest GO Publisher release. If you’re a Workflow user you’re going to really love these highlights:



• All our API Calls now follow RESTful industry standards for enterprise integration, the result is a faster response time and better integration to Service Orientation Architecture (SOA)
• We have added a new API call to combine both Create and Start job functions, making job creation 100 times faster than the previous release and the overall end-to-end processing is now 20% faster.
• We have extended the configuration control for our customers allowing you to ‘switch off’ job validation. We have made this an optional switch so if you don’t need it, you can disable it and get a large performance boost.

API Call Improvements

We’ve made some changes to the RESTful API pattern to use 201 CREATE for the post method in the API rather than 303 redirect. This greatly speeds up performance and response to the API client.

Create & Start

We added a new optional feature which allows you to join the Create & Start action when sending publishing jobs into GO Publisher Workflow. This means instead of having to do one action to create a job and ANOTHER action to start it you can just do one action to create and start the job in the same call. It’s a great time saving feature halving the amount of calls developers have to code and increasing job creation performance 100 times.

Skip Job Validation

We’ve given you the ability to skip job validation in GO Publisher 3.1. This is a performance boost for larger organisations using GO Publisher Workflow. If you’re a larger organisation using another external system to create your jobs then this check can be skipped without fear and allows the jobs to be created much quicker (assuming the jobs are being created correctly in the first place). Again this feature is optional.
The power of using the job validation skip feature and Create & Start together can be seen in impressive performance enhancements. We’ve been able to show a massive 633% improvement in performance when both these features are activated.

XSLT Stylesheets in GO Publisher Workflow

As an extra bonus the ability to transform data using XSLT has been extended from GO Publisher Desktop, to GO Publisher Workflow. You can now use XSLT stylesheets on columns and tables in GO Publisher Workflow enabling you to apply small xslt changes to an individual column or table.

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