Airways provides air traffic control and air navigation services across New Zealand’s 30 million square kilometres of airspace, managing more than one million air traffic movements per year. Renowned globally for leading innovation and development in the aviation sector, Airways also delivers air navigation and air traffic management consultancy and training services in over 65 countries. The organisation is at the forefront of developing procedures and technology to reduce aviation’s environmental footprint.

In order to measure its operational performance, Airways needed to find a solution to load and manage large volumes of operational data delivered in AIXM format. After conducting an initial search of the market for an off-the-shelf solution, Airways found only partial solutions were available. Airways subsequently considered developing its own, however, cost, time and complexity ruled out a ‘self-build’ approach. Airways then discovered GO Loader Aviation from Snowflake Software, a complete out of the box solution that met all of its needs and could be up and running in a matter of hours.

“GO Loader Aviation absolutely exceeded our expectations. I was able to download the product, install it, learn the ropes and load our data set (all available air navigation data for 1/11th of the world’s surface) in four hours flat.” revealed Tim Hughes, Airways New Zealand.

View or download the full case study here  or visit our GO Loader Aviation page to learn how you can manage your aeronautical data.

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