We are excited to announce that the latest version of GO Loader (version 1.8) is now available. Find out what’s included in the new update below.

Initial support for proposed new Ordnance Survey Change Only Update Standard

GO Loader 1.8 is able to support the proposed new Ordnance Survey Change Only Update Standard, meaning your data can be kept up-to-date using a single Change Only mechanism. Simply parse the new schemas, create your mappings and database tables, and you will be ready to start accepting both initial and change only update data.

Co-ordinate Transformation Functionality

GO Loader now includes geometry transformation capability allowing you to quickly transform geographic data from its source spatial reference system (SRS) to an SRS of your choosing. No more post processing or GIS calculations; GO Loader does all the hard work with geographic transformation during the loading process.

Increased Data Validity

With the latest version of GO Loader you can now add Not Null constraints to any of your database columns, allowing you to define the elements that will cause a feature to be failed if a value is not present on load. If a feature does fail you are able to then see in the log file the identifier of the feature and the column for which a value was missing, helping to ensure the accuracy and the validity of your data.

Increased Data Validity

Improved Logging

Improved logging allows users to customise what logs they see. For instance, whether a file finished loading, how many features were loaded and if there were database errors.

New Method for Accessing Project Templates

Get access to the latest project templates as and when you need them without having to update to a newer product version each time. Users with current support and maintenance contracts are now able to access the latest project templates via the Customer Support Portal.

User Interface Improvements

With an improved user interface you can save time by using simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality to quickly and easily load files, schemas and projects straight into GO Loader. See this new functionality in action below.

User Interface Improvements

Updated Support for the Latest Technologies

GO Loader 1.8 has been built with the latest technology platforms in mind. This means support for PostgreSQL 9.4 with the PostGIS 2.1 extension, Oracle Database version 12c and an upgrade to JAVA 8, offering users all of the performance and security this brings.

Ready to Upgrade?

If you are currently on our support and maintenance package, then upgrading is free. Just visit the Customer Portal to download the installers and get started.

Not yet a customer? Then don’t worry, Contact us to find out how you can start using the latest version of GO Loader.