Flights by GUFI in GeoJSON Now Available on Laminar Data!

Another SWIM compliant FIXM API is now also available in GeoJSON on Laminar!

The Laminar Data Team is happy to announce that you can now access the Flight Details by GUFI API in GeoJSON, which hosts a rich source of valuable information about a specific flight once the flight is found in the Flight by Tile or Flight by Airline API.

You can now access a coherent flight object from departure to arrival, with flight plan, flight position history and current position in real-time, all available in a much lighter payload of data than ever before with GeoJSON. The updated API means visualisation has never been easier; in less than 5 lines of code you can quickly render this data in your preferred mapping engine, such as Leaflet or Google Maps.


This is the first time that the aviation industry has had access to a full production quality, reliable and resilient (99.9% uptime) GeoJSON web API for flight positions.

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