New API! Access Detailed Flight Data Between 2 Airports

The Laminar Data Team is happy to announce the addition of a brand new API to the platform!

As part of our existing flight data API offering, you can now access data for flights flying between 2 airports using the Flights by Aerodrome Pair API. The API provides flight data in real time and up to 48 hours in advance.

Map showing airborne flights between JFK and Heathrow aiport

By unlocking the valuable data in this API, users can now determine which airlines are operating which routes and when, allowing them to monitor trends in city pairs and be alerted if an airline starts a new route. The data found in this API also gives access to flight positions, as well as the ability to be filtered by status (airborne, cancelled, completed, filed or scheduled).

The data available on this API can also power decision-making within passenger and freight logistics. By accessing information on airlines and flights between specified origin and destination airports users can easily conduct an analysis of alternatives flying their required route and gain access to available capacity.

Table showing the status of flights arriving to Heathrow from JFK airport


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