Announcing Airline Schedule Data from FlightGlobal and a new Flight Delay API on Laminar Data Hub!

Snowflake Software is pleased to announce a number of major enhancements to the data coverage and content of its Laminar Data Hub:

Improved Flight Detail by GUFI API

We’ve greatly improved our existing Flight Detail by GUFI API by adding:

  • Global Airline Schedules – sourced from the FlightGlobal the world’s leading provider of airline schedule data;
  • Calculated Take-Off Time (CTOT) – the time (within a tolerance of – 5 to +10 mins) that an aircraft has been calculated to take off. Note that CTOT is also known as the ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management) slot;
  • Taxi Out Time – the time spent by a flight between its actual off-block time (AOBT) and actual take-off time (ATOT);

These new enhancements and additions greatly improve data coverage and further increase the overall data quality of the Laminar Data Hub particularly for the smaller regional airlines.

New Flight Delay by GUFI API

In addition to our standard Regulation APIs we’ve created a new Flight Delay by GUFI API that provides delay information within Europe on a per flight basis, including:

  • Initial delay – the first delay placed on the flight, delay in minutes and regulations causing the delay
  • Latest delay – the latest delay placed on the flight, delay in minutes and regulations causing the delay

With this new API users can now see how flight regulations impact a specific flight’s delay. This enables airline operations to analyse route performance and use this data to plan more efficient routes and improve future on-time performance.

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