We’ve improved our Flights By Airline API to support filtering on five different types of flight status. Our improved API now allows even greater flexibility to select the flights you need without having to develop additional code in your Application. Previously, our API provided all flight data regardless of status, now it supports filtering on flights with a status of Scheduled, Filed, Airborne, Cancelled and Completed.

flight_status (1)

In addition to improving our API each flight in the response now contains a flightStatus tag with a flightCycle attribute that describes whether it is:

Flight Status Description
Scheduled The flight has been created in the Air Traffic Services system and is expected to operate.
Filed The flight information was filed to the appropriate Air Traffic Services authority.
Airborne The flight is airborne.
Cancelled The flight has been cancelled.
Completed The flight was airborne and is now completed.



We’re always looking to hear feedback on how we can enhance our APIs and make them work for you. Please get in touch with us and let us know your thoughts.

Photo by guiseiz / CC BY