Watch the webinar to discover how to:

  • Load and manage flight data encoded using FIXM without costly software development or complex scripting
  • How to make use of increasingly available FIXM sources directly within your infrastructure
  • How to ready your team and your systems to become players in the emerging interoperable world of air traffic information

Join Nadine Alameh and Tom Keogh as they take a look at how you can load and manage flight data encoded using the international standard FIXM (Flight Information Exchange Model).


Increasingly, flight data will be encoded and exchanged using the international standard FIXM (Flight Information Exchange Model). FIXM enables the exchange of a wide range of flight data in a standard XML-based format. By getting data encoded in FIXM you are guaranteed an unambiguous definition of common flight data elements and a standardised way of sharing semantic and syntactic flight information. With FIXM, it’s easier to incorporate data that was traditionally unavailable, expensive to access and hard to consume. It’s now possible to strategically filter that data to meet your specific operational needs. We are proud to support the exchange of FIXM data in our award-winning products.