Announcing New Data Package Subscriptions on Laminar Data Hub!

The Snowflake Software team is very excited to announce new fixed-price data package subscriptions to complement the existing pay-per-hit model on Laminar Data Hub! For people who want a simple, fixed cost for specific data feeds, you can now purchase a monthly subscription to the NOTAM and Aerodrome data packages through a set of easy-to-use APIs.

Map showing active NOTAMs in the EGTT Flight Information Region

The digital NOTAM data package gives users access to a  valuable data set containing the creation or change of digital NOTAMs, such as TFRs (Temporary Flight Restriction), Military NOTAMs and FDC (Flight Data Center). Access to digital NOTAM information is vital for a majority of stakeholders across aviation, such as drone users and pilots requiring awareness of hazards or closed airspaces on their flight route or nearby airspaces, as well as any obstructions on an airport’s taxiway, runway, or a nearby flock of birds.



The Aerodrome data package gives users access to high-value data associated with a specific aerodrome, including Weather (METAR, TAFS), location (Aerodrome) and Arrival / Departure flight information (Schedules, Plans, Surveillance and Status). Users can now see the full picture of an aerodrome’s data ecosystem from one complete, coherent and convenient platform. Accessing this data from a single source is key for many airport stakeholders in order to make more informed decisions. From airlines running analytics on fleet performance, air traffic control achieving a broader picture of airport operations, to Fixed-Base Operators keeping track of the arrivals and departures of their fleet to ensure operational efficiency. This subscription package can be significantly enriched by the addition of a high specification aerodrome map (powered by AeroNavData), allowing for greater spatial and visual awareness of the data associated with the aerodrome.

Detailed airport map of Heathrow LHR

Before Laminar Data users had to access data from different sources with different formats and varying degrees of completeness and accuracy. The Laminar Data Platform alleviates the pain of accessing and using this data by providing a single source of truth for aggregated aviation data.

These data packages give users access to the data they need, with all the Digital NOTAMs globally or for one Flight Information Region (FIR)/Area Control Center (ACC), as well as all flight, weather and location data for one or more chosen aerodromes in one clear, simple and fixed subscription cost. The easy-to-use, developer friendly APIs on Laminar Data Hub make it easier than ever to access all of the value-added data for Digital NOTAMs and Aerodromes.

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