Watch the webinar to discover how to:

  • Load and manage XML-based data retrieved via an FAA SWIM feed without any software development or complex scripting
  • Quickly make use of FAA SWIM data directly within your infrastructure
  • Enhance your systems and operations by incorporating FAA SWIM data that is relevant to your requirements and your stakeholders’ needs

Join Alex Reading and Jonathan Wootten as they take a look at how you can quickly and efficiently integrate XML-based data retrieved via SWIM feeds into your systems.


More and more data is becoming available via FAA’s SWIM; from surface Data, Digital NOTAMs, Traffic Flow Information, Weather, Flight data and more. For the first time ever users interested in such data can get it with the proper authorization via the FAA SWIM messaging infrastructure. In turn, access to that data promises a more efficient and cost effective way for industry to drive innovation and create value-added products. We are committed to contributing to such innovation by ensuring that our products can quickly and efficiently consume XML-based data retrieved via SWIM feeds.