Watch the webinar to discover how to:

  • Save time and money by easily consuming data from multiple SWIM feeds without spending developer resources
  • Consume and utilise the valuable data from the FAA STDDS feed which includes Tower Departure Event Service (TDES), Airport Data Service (APDS) and Surface Movement Event Service (SMES)
  • Configure the SWIM Service Connectors to filter the data before loading into your database ensuring you only get the data you need for your applications

Join Jonathan Wootten and Alex Reading as they show you how you’re able to consume this valuable data using our SWIM Service Connectors.


Connecting and consuming SWIM data from the FAA and EUROCONTROL data feeds can often be a timely and expensive process. Our off-the-shelf software solution takes care of the complete end-to-end data management process of connecting, consuming and managing the data from both the FAA and EUROCONTROL. Join us on our webinar as we demonstrate how our SWIM Service Connectors can consume STDDS data, enabling your development team to focus on working with the data rather than acquiring it.