Snowflake Software has been a proud part of the CITI-SENSE project since its inception 4 years ago. Based on years of industry experience working with Open Standards and cloud platforms, Snowflake has managed to lead in developing the Spatial and Environmental Data Services (SEDS) Platform to host CITI-SENSE air quality data.

As the project draws to a close, Ballal Joglekar, Senior Consultant at Snowflake Software has captured two sides of the project by crafting two white papers, giving an insight into what it takes to develop a cloud-hosted platform to share data using Open WFS Standards.

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Click here to read the “CITI-SENSE in Numbers” white paper to look into the statistics about the platform, sensors and records captured during the project. He uses statistics from the recent 2016 Rio Olympic Games to put the CITI-SENSE numbers into perspective.

Click here to read the “Response Caching” white paper, where Ballal focuses on various aspects that need considering when implementing response caching to improve WFS query performance. Join his narrative as he covers the pros and cons of several caching options and outlines why server side caching was used during CITI-SENSE.

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