Finding the right data to build an app can cause a headache for developers who want to get their app to market quickly. The data cannot always be easily found or sourced, which is a problem two of our developers did not face when they were challenged to build an app in one day, using our Laminar Data Hub.

During our quarterly ShipIt day, a couple of Snowflakers got creative and decided to build an airport weather app using weather data from Laminar Data Hub.

Weather AppTo build the app, a simple webpage was created using a bootstrap template, which used JavaScript and JQuery to connect to the RESTful service and pull out the relevant data from the METARs by Aerodrome API to update the webpage.
The Weather Dashboard displays the temperature, wind speed, visibility, air pressure and cloud information at a chosen airport.

The list of airports in the prototype app has been hardcoded, this could easily be populated by using the Aeronautical data and Reference data APIs from Laminar Data Hub.

Although this is just a prototype and a very simplistic implementation, it goes to show the potential that exists to create powerful apps that address real world scenarios and helps solve operational problems.

The ease of access and use of the Laminar Data Hub can help app developers achieve their app building goals in a timely manner. Along with weather data, access to flight, aeronautical, NOTAM, regulation and reference data is available with a few easy steps.



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