What’s the Aviation API Economy? Find out in this exciting talk at World ATM Congress next Wednesday

What will you be doing at World ATM Congress next Wednesday?

Come and join Alex Brooker, Product and Services Director at Snowflake Software On Wednesday 8th March at 4:10pm on the Aireon Spotlight Stage:

“The Aviation API Economy – More than
SWIM and Waterfall”

Lessons from the SWIM Masterclass, XMAN and recent launch of the IHS Jane’s 2016 award winning Laminar Data platform in March 2016, bringing operational SWIM to a wider market. What is the Aviation API Economy and what is the role of SWIM alongside other ubiquitous web standards and ways of working? When a slow moving industry meets internet speed ideas – what are the challenges and opportunities? How can the latent value within operational data be applied to new use cases? This talk relays some lessons on real world APIs, customer feedback, Agile vs Waterfall, SWIM vs non-SWIM, and Cloud vs Edge.  

See you in Madrid!