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Now you can visualize AIXM, IWXXM and Digital NOTAMs using the latest version of the free ATM Viewer – available to download today.
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  • IWXXM Support – Users can now load, display and review IWXXM v1.0 plus future METAR forecasts in graphical form.
  • Digital NOTAM Support – Users can now load, display and review (both textual and graphical) Digital NOTAM from Eurocontrol and the FAA.
  • WFS 2.0 support – Users can connect, download, display and inspect AIXM, IWXXM and ArrivalSequence data from any OGC WFS 2.0. Data managed and updated by a 3rd party can now be displayed and inspected by the user.
  • Open Street Map – Display Open Street Map as a backdrop – visualize your data against this rich crowd sourced dataset updated daily.





Our ATM Viewer for AIXM and IWXXM makes the visualisation of complex aeronautical information quick and easy, without the requirement for any additional software. We’ve integrated our GML API for Java with NASA’s World Wind SDK, enabling users to fly around the globe and view their AIXM data in 3D over digital satellite imagery from Bing. The ATM Viewer enables users to visualize and interact with AIXM 5, AIXM 5.1, and IWXXM data on a 3D globe.

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