Digital NOTAMs: Are you ready?

This webinar has now been withdrawn. If you’re interested in learning more about Digital NOTAMs and how to consume the data, head over to our NOTAM Data Page

Watch the webinar to discover:

  • How to load, manage and visualize digital NOTAMs retrieved from the FAA NOTAM Distribution Service
  • How to make use of this exciting new data source directly from within your infrastructures
  • How to eventually improve your ability to receive NOTAMs that are relevant to your needs


The FAA NOTAM System (FNS) is the modernized NOTAM management system designed to support improved NOTAM origination, management and distribution. On the distribution side, the FAA has just launched a series of open web services known as the FNS NOTAM Distribution Service (FNS NDS) providing digital NOTAM messages in AIXM in response to requests by end users.

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