All things AIXM, WXXM and FIXM at ATIEC 2014

FAASnowflake once again participated at the Air Transportation Information Exchange Conference (ATIEC) 2014 at the NOAA centre, Silver Spring – not too far from Snowflake’s DC office in Capital Gallery. Featuring AIXM, (I)WXXM and FIXM and delving down into the nitty-gritty of each of the exchange models, the conference was a fantastic incubator for discussion on Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) data exchange.

With the exhibition stand assembled and demos prepared, Nadine, Alex and I had some insightful discussions about AIXM, (I)WXXM and FIXM data management and exchange. We also had several opportunities to showcase our capabilities up on the stage, including our lightning round delivered by Nadine, and Snowflake’s ATM Viewer overview presented by Tom in the AIXM breakout session.

Digital NOTAMs – are you ready?

Our new monthly webinar series was a hit, with many people showing interest and signing up for the next one – Working with Digital NOTAMs from the FAA (September 10th at 11:00 EDT). In this webinar we are teaming up with Luciad to show how to load, manage and visualise Digital NOTAMs.

FIXM 3.0 has arrived!

The much anticipated release of FIXM 3.0 was announced at ATIEC 2014 – the successor of FIXM 2.0 released at last years event. By supporting 4D trajectory, flight operation indicators and enhanced CDM data, boundary crossing data and route data, FIXM 3.0 can now fully provide common situational awareness of a flight’s trajectory from pre-departure to arrival at the destination gate. Our Professional Services team can’t wait to get their hands dirty with FIXM 3.0…..


Fantastic Industry Feedback

Once again we had some great feedback from our industry peers at the conference. In particular, we are thankful to all those who mentioned Snowflake in their presentations, whether they related to our involvement in the XMAN Heathrow Trial, our work in the OGC Testbeds, our SESAR SWIM Master Class wins, or our free ATM viewer.

The future is here

ATIECIn summary, the conference indeed “delivered” on its theme “Delivering Digital Services”. If there’s ONE take-away from the 4 days, it’s that the future we have been getting ready for is actually here! Speakers from the FAA, NOAA, Eurocontrol and SESAR announced digital services coming online now or in the near future. Those include the Digital NOTAM Distribution Service, Traffic Flow Data Management Services, Weather Data Services and other Aeronautical Information Services. Many of the services are currently being tested in international collaborative efforts such as mini-global, the Global SWIM and AAtS demonstrations. Such efforts are critical in getting the kinks out of the services, exchanges and underlying infrastructures so that the rest of us can use them with confidence.

After this conference, we find ourselves super-charged to enable industry players to get the most out of the new services and exchanges, whether they are on the producing or receiving sides of the equation. Next stop ATCA 59 on 28th September in National Hrbour – we’ll see you there on booth #606!


Blogged by Tom Forbes and Nadine Alameh

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