Announcing Flight Data Streaming Services, now available on Laminar Data Hub!

We’re delighted to announce our new Flight Data Streaming Services to complement the existing data packages and pay-per-hit models on Laminar Data Hub! While the data remains the same, a different way in which it is consumed has now been released. Data streams are a valuable means of building real-time applications for organizations requiring data to be ingested by their systems as soon as it is available. This comes with the added benefit of avoiding an access pattern that requires a multitude of data requests.

You can now easily consume a vast amount of live flight data in real-time and in a lightweight application-friendly GeoJSON format simply by connecting to the new AMQP Flight Data Streaming Services using one of our SDKs. Some of the flight properties available from the streaming services include but are not limited to:

    • Arrival and departure airport information
    • Scheduled flight information
    • Live flight position reports
    • Estimated Arrival Time (ETA)
    • Flight delay times
    • Calculated Take Off Time (CTOT)
    • And much more (For more information on all available flight data properties on Laminar Data Hub, click here)

Whether you’re building applications to support on-time performance improvements, demand capacity predictions or post operations analytics, Laminar Data’s new Flight Data Streaming Services offer simple and efficient access to the cleansed and fused flight data you need!