For a number of years now both ourselves and our customers have been working with GO Loader to load AIXM, WXXM and FIXM into Oracle, SQL Server or PostgreSQL.  Thanks to feedback from customers we’ve made GO Loader even better with a whole host of improvements and new features created especially for those who want to load and manage the latest Aeronautical exchange models in their mainstream relational database.


AIXM 4.5 and 5.1 project templates

GL AIXM TemplatesIn GO Loader 1.7.3 we’ve enhanced our geometry support and bundled two new project templates to turn loading AIXM 4.5 and AIXM 5.1 into a 1-click process.  Using project templates all you need to do is tell GO Loader the database settings and GO Loader handles the rest: automatically creating database tables (model driven from the AIXM model), loading AIXM data (at over 3000 features per second) and finally building the appropriate spatial and attribute indexes to enable you to visualise and query the data from your database or GIS of choice.


Importantly our templates don’t just load the core AIXM data, they also include support for numerous popular AIXM extensions such as the Digital NOTAM Event specification and Special Activity Airspace.  Finally we’ve tested our templates against a multitude of data sources from all over the world.


See just how easy the templates are to use in this demonstration video by Tom – showing the AIXM 5.1 template in action.


AIXM 4.5 in ArcMapLoad and publish

Need to get that freshly loaded AIXM data published? GO Publisher is the answer. Numerous ATM systems provide exports of AIXM so customers find the combination of our GO Loader and GO Publisher software particularly useful when they want to make their data more accessible – both to their external stakeholders and/or to other internal departments.



Load new AIXM data into your database with ease using GO Loader, and then access, query and share that data with GO Publisher. Discover more >

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