Airservices Australia


Airservices is an Australian government owned organisation providing safe, secure, efficient and environmentally responsible services to the aviation industry. The organisation provides the industry with aeronautical data, telecommunications, navigation services and aviation rescue fire fighting services. In managing air traffic operations for over 90 million passengers on more than four million flights every year the organisation has a requirement to provide a flight planning service and ensure the aeronautical information used is valid.

“For us, the availability of a pre-configured AIXM template in GO Loader Aviation has allowed us to create an AIXM compatible database schema with very little effort. GO Loader also automates the loading of the AIXM extract into the database. We’ve been able to vastly reduce the effort required to create the database, as well as the effort required to load the data to the database. As a result our team is able to provide quality analysis of AIXM data, quickly.” explains Paul Chisholm at Airservices Australia.

Read the full case study here or visit our GO Loader Aviation page to learn how you can manage your aeronautical data.

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