Airport NOTAMs Easily Visualized using Laminar Data APIs

Airport Infrastructure NOTAMs Available in GeoJSON Format

We are delighted to announce new Laminar Data Hub NOTAM API features that translate text-heavy airport NOTAMs into GeoJSON objects that are easily consumed and visualized in applications. With a few lines of code, our Laminar Data Hub NOTAM APIs now make building airport-centric applications with NOTAMs even easier

New Feature: Airport Infrastructure NOTAMs Are Easily Visualized

We recently demonstrated our expertise in parsing NOTAM text to generate complex geometries that can be easily visualized.  NOTAMs related to airport infrastructure are often published as a circle described by a point (latitude & longitude) and a radius (image on the left). Whilst this geometric description is enough to fulfil some use cases, it is particularly painful to use for developers building situational awareness applications for airport stakeholders. With this release, we have spatially rendered various elements of an airport, such as runways, taxiways and aprons impacted by a NOTAM.

Since releasing version 2.0 of the NOTAM APIs on Laminar Data Hub, we have seen Laminar APIs simplify the way our customers interpret and visualize NOTAMs in their applications. Leveraging our one-stop shop of aviation data services, we have combined NOTAMs with aeronautical information to geospatially enable visualization of airport infrastructure impacted by NOTAMs

We take pride in delivering truly digital NOTAMs to the aviation community; by “truly digital” we mean NOTAMs that are 1) geo-referenced, 2) temporal, 3) easily transformable, 4) query-enabled, and 5) can be accessed in developer-friendly message formats (XML and JSON). With this new airport features, we take away the pain of working with NOTAMs so that you can focus on building nifty apps that delight your customers.

Since launching Laminar Data Hub in 2016, our customers have shared many use-cases with us that require digital NOTAM data. From powering algorithms used in Flight Planning to being used in “Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability” (LAANC) compliant “Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management” (UTM) systems and platforms, a common, recurring theme, however, has been the need to simplify and accelerate the processing and visualization of NOTAMs for our users.

With a few lines of code, our Laminar Data Hub NOTAM APIs now make building airport-centric applications with NOTAMs even easier! Sign up for a 14-day Free Trial.

About Laminar Data Hub

The Laminar Data Hub is Snowflake’s commercial cloud platform that provides organisations with a single source of enhanced, fused and validated Aviation data. Due to time-consuming data agreements, a multitude of data sources and a variety of data formats and technologies, accessing and using Aviation data can often be exhaustive and expensive. Laminar Data Hub eliminates these difficulties by providing a one-stop-shop for data in a simple and effective way, regardless of the data type, format or source. By fusing Aviation data from multiple commercial and authoritative sources, the Laminar Data Hub offers a best-in-class flight, NOTAM, aeronautical and weather data through a set of easy-to-use REST and streaming APIs.