Today the Laminar Data Team is pleased to announce the addition of High Specification Airport Map data to the Laminar Platform in partnership with AeroNavData.

The addition of this new API allows customers to obtain all the features of an airport; its runways, taxiways, aprons, buildings, and the areas of an aerodrome that receive high levels of traffic. This rich mapping data enables operational efficiencies within an airport when used for a multitude of industry applications such as:aeronavdata-airportmaps-3d

  • Aircraft onboard moving map displays
  • Advanced surface movement guidance systems
  • Digital charts and electronic flight bag
  • Training, simulations, research and development
  • D-NOTAM delivery
  • Synthetic vision systems
  • Airport and airline management
  • Airport planning and construction
  • Emergency response
  • Security management

The data covers over 500 US airports and can be accessed on an airport by airport basis in the most current industry Airport Mapping Standards (compliant with RTCA DO-272 / ED-99 standards), delivered in AIXM 5.1 format. Click here for a more detailed look into the AeroNavData Airport Maps Data features and specifications.

Alexis Brooker, Product and Services Director at Snowflake, stated “We’re delighted to announce the exciting addition of AeroNavData’s high quality US airport map data within our existing Flight, Aeronautical and Weather APIs. This is an excellent new capability for Laminar Data users.”

Leah Wood, Business Development Manager at AeroNavData, said “The complexity of AeroNavData topological feature data will enable the Airport Features to be used to generate a broader variety of products and purposes with diverse users. The detailed elements included in the data could be utilized as an integrated source of comprehensive Airport feature information.”

Want to access these detailed Airport Maps? Click here to place your order!