A growing number of stakeholders within Aviation and other emerging markets, such as UAV/UTM, need access to a consistent, cleaned, validated and rich source of NOTAM data. NOTAMs are an important part of any form of flight-planning, regardless of whether the user is an Airline or Drone Pilot. By spatially enriching this data and making it available through easy to use technology, Laminar Data Hub enables users to have the latest view of NOTAMs which affect their flight, aerodrome, FIR or airspace of interest. Want to know more? Here are The Top 7 Things You Need To Know About NOTAM

Check out our ‘before and after’ images below to see how we’re enhancing NOTAM data!

Airspace NOTAM with Coordinates in Text


NOTAM with Coordinates (different Flight Levels)


NOTAM with Coordinates (line and circle)


NOTAM referencing SAA with no coordinates


NOTAM with named reference to SUA (no coordinates)


NOTAM referencing geometries (line and arc)



One stop shop

Access to full flight, aeronautical, weather and NOTAM data from one platform. No need for multiple data agreements!

Fused, enhanced & validated data

Global NOTAMs available from a single source. Enhanced to provide full NOTAM lifecycle support and geometry.

Easy Access

Access just the data you need through a range of REST and Streaming APIs which can be customised to filter the data at source for your application.

Fully managed service

Laminar Data Hub is a fully managed service and guarantees high-availability. Users have options to increase SLA, Supported hours and more.

Data format options

As experts in aviation data transformation, we’re able to make our NOTAM data available in both GeoJSON and the reconised Aviation SWIM standard, AIXM.

Support when you need.

All Laminar Data Hub subscriptions come with access to our dedicated, experienced support team to give you technical support and peace of mind.


Gaining access to the NOTAM data you need could not be easier. We understand that all organisations have different requirements for sourcing data and have a range of subscriptions for every use-case. Whether you’re looking for NOTAMs for use with UTM or to combine flight and NOTAM data to provide your users with context – we can customise a package for you.

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