A growing number of stakeholders within Aviation and other emerging markets, such as UAV / UTM, need access to a consistent, cleaned, validated and rich source of NOTAM data. NOTAMs are an important part of any form of flight-planning, regardless of whether the user is an Airline or Drone Pilot. By spatially enriching this data and making it available through easy to use technology, Laminar Data Hub enables users to have the latest view of NOTAMs which affect their flight, aerodrome, FIR or airspace of interest.

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NOTAM geometry on map (US)

Why Laminar Data Hub?

With Laminar Data Hub, we take pride in delivering truly digital NOTAMs that are easily accessible and consumable. By “truly digital” we mean NOTAMs that are:

  1. Geo-referenced (and can be easily visualized)
  2. Temporal
  3. Easily transformable
  4. Query-enabled
  5. Available in well structured, machine-readable formats (XML & JSON)

Laminar Data Hub enables our customers to simply connect and consume data without any hassle so that they can build applications that delight their customers and bring value to all areas of Aviation. We have recently released V2 of our NOTAM offering with a host of new, powerful features! You can find more information about this release on our blog.

NOTAM Data Access

The value-added, global NOTAM data-set on Laminar Data Hub is currently available through a number of Request Response API’s. We will be making this data available through our popular Data Streaming APIs very soon, watch this space.

Request Response APIs

In order to make this valuable data set accessible and easy to use, Laminar Data Hub provides a range of Request Response APIs to allow a user to access only the slices of data that they need, such as by FIR and Q-Code or Aerodrome etc.

Data Streaming APIs

Organisations and their developers will soon be able to take advantage of our Data Streaming APIs, where your chosen data will be streamed to an end-point. Users will also be able to make use of the JumpStarter kit to get up and running quickly. Please contact us if you’re interested in being one of our initial users for NOTAM data streaming.

NOTAMs by Aerodrome
Temporary Flight Restrictions
NOTAMs by Q-Code
NOTAMs by text search
NOTAM Information blocks
NOTAM series, number, year (identification)
NOTAM Latitude and Longitude
NOTAM Location and Affected FIR
NOTAM Minimum and Maximum Flight Level
NOTAM Purpose, Scope and Q-Code
NOTAM effective start and end
More information available:

NOTAM Data Subscriptions

There are a range of models available for subscribing to Laminar Data Hub’s services in order to ensure that users only pay for the data that their application or project requires. From request-based subscription tiers, annual data streaming plans and global / regional NOTAM data packages, users have full flexibility when accessing data through Laminar Data Hub.

NOTAM Data Coverage

The geographic and data coverage of information available through Laminar Data Hub is growing and developing all the time, with users taking advantage of the APIs all over the world. Through Laminar Data Hub, users can access a global-data set of International NOTAMs as well as US Domestic NOTAMs (such as TFRs).