Having access to live, dynamic flight data is a growing requirement within the Aviation industry. Whether to aid the Flight Planning Process, track aircraft positions or empower an application – Flight data is becoming an invaluable resource to a range of Aviation Stakeholders. By fusing Flight information (such as position reports, flight plans and schedules) from multiple commercial and authoritative data providers, Laminar Data Hub can help alleviate the challenges of sourcing and managing this important data-set.

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Flight Data Access

The value-added Flight data-set available through Laminar Data Hub is accessible through either Request Response or Streaming APIs.

Request Response APIs

In order to make this valuable data set accessible and easy to use, Laminar Data Hub provides a range of Request Response APIs to allow a user to access only the slices of data that they need, such as by Airline, FIR, Aerodrome pair etc.

Data Streaming APIs

Organisations and their developers can now take advantage of our Data Streaming APIs, where your chosen data will be streamed to an end-point. Users can also make use of the JumpStarter kit to get up and running quickly.

Flight Data Subscriptions

There are a range of models available for subscribing to Laminar Data Hub’s services in order to ensure that users only pay for the data that their application or project requires. From request-based subscription tiers, annual data streaming plans and specific data packages, users have full flexibility when accessing data through Laminar Data Hub.

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World Map - not representative of actual data coverage, contact us for more information.

Flight Data Coverage

The geographic and data coverage of information available through Laminar Data Hub is growing and developing all the time, with users taking advantage of the APIs all over the world. Please contact our team for further information on the geographical coverage of the data available through Laminar Data Hub.