The solutions to the biggest challenges the aviation industry faces require combinations of data sources at their core. Accessing this data typically requires integration with many data providers. Be it flight, aeronautical or weather, this data is complex and highly expensive to access and on-board. Laminar Data Hub addresses this problem by providing a single source of easy-to-access aviation data, fused from a number of global commercial and authoritative sources.

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Access harmonized Aviation data from multiple authoritative & commercial sources



Fused, enhanced & validated data on a
single platform

All of the Aviation data available through the Laminar Data Hub has been fused from multiple sources, enhanced through back-end algorithms and validated to ensure the highest quality. Users can access all the data they need from a single platform without negotiating multiple complex and expensive data agreements.

Highly available & fully managed service

The Laminar Data Hub is built on the trusted Laminar Data technology platform and comes with guaranteed high-availability. Users can take advantage of starter kits and APIs to connect and consume data immediately, saving time and money. The Laminar Data Hub is fully supported by Snowflake’s dedicated support team, ensuring that the platform is running smoothly at all times.

Slice data as required

By making flight, aeronautical and weather data available through a range of REST and streaming APIs, users can choose to slice the data depending on their application or system requirements. Only want to see flights for a particular airline or NOTAMs for a particular region? With Laminar Data Hub, users can access only the data they need.

Access specific subsets of data

In addition to slicing the data by using APIs – users can also request access to a specific subset of the Aviation data available through Laminar Data Hub. For example, if an application only needs flight position reports but not the flight plan or schedule, users can reduce the payload and cost by exclusively accessing that specific subset of data.

Variety of format and access options

By making value-added data available through a range of APIs in various formats such as developer-friendly GeoJSON or the recognised SWIM standards, Laminar Data Hub ensures that developers can make easy use of the platform and focus on building applications and systems to empower the aviation industry, rather than sourcing and managing the data.