Snowflake Software is a leading provider of aviation data services, serving high profile aviation customers across the globe including NATS, GCAA, Airways New Zealand and Airservices Australia. If you’re looking for support, our team of dedicated Data Engineers offers a wide range of services to help you maximize the value of data.
Within the range of data services offered, the team will help you transition to System Wide Information Management (SWIM) formats and harmonize internal and external data along with bulk data conversion, database loading and data modelling and analysis. Furthermore,

the Data Services team will deploy and configure the Laminar Data Platform into your operations and support rapid prototyping.



Our team of dedicated Data Engineers provide high quality services to help you achieve your data goals


Our dedicated Data Engineers offer a wide range of services to help streamline your data needs:


  • Knowledge of aviation data standards
  • SWIM data management (Consuming SWIM, Processing SWIM feeds)
  • Fully support transition of existing data to SWIM
  • SWIM data modelling


  • Data modelling
  • Schema design
  • Domain informed design
  • Leverage data to create value
  • Efficient accessible data storage and design


  • Rapid creation of Laminar X APIs
  • Proof of concept
  • Collaborative development of prototypes
  • Evaluate + test designs


  • Laminar Data deployment and configuration -turnkey SWIM hub
  • Help you realize the value of the data available in the Laminar Data Hub
  • Help choose or create APIs that suit your requirements
  • Continuous global data integration with Hub to ingest and publish data
  • Laminar Data API economy
  • Fully support utilization of available data


  • Quality assessment
  • Harmonize data
  • Geometric conversion, translation and creation
  • Anomaly detection
  • Data sanitization


  • Industry informed dashboard
  • 3D/2D Map based visualization
  • Real time situational awareness
  • KPI visualization


This visualization shows a dashboard built by our Data Team for a customer. The team utilized data from the Laminar Data Platform to calculate delay times at different airports in the US. Through pattern detection and analysis, the team was able to demonstrate the performance level of these airports, giving the customer greater situational awareness and allowing them to make more informed operational decisions.

This particular visualization shows a dashboard built by the Data Team using Laminar Data. The dashboard provides airline statuses for flights arriving at specific airports, enabling the customer to monitor comparative airline performance during a particular time-frame.

The Data Team used flight plan and actual route data on the Laminar Data Platform to visualize average route deviation per airline (the green dotted line represents the planned flight route, the red line represents the actual route taken). Average delays per airline over time were combined with the visualizations to enable the customer to achieve a detailed understanding of the performance of a given flight route and/or airline fleet. The powerful combination of data provided the ability to make robust, data driven operational decisions.